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Jack has had a fantastic season and would like to sincerely thank all those at Taunton who have supported him and given him the opportunities to play in the tournaments. Having won the Houldsworth with Mikey, Brooke and Gebbie, he was in the winning team the 2 goal festival at Royal Berkshire Polo Club, he also was lucky enough to have been asked to play in an 8 goal tournament held at Cirencester Park Polo Club and an 8 goal tournament held at the Beaufort Polo Club. 
All this and being very successful in the home tournaments, made last season a very memorable season.


Jevan Dudd is a Taunton Vale Pony Club member and played Loriner for the Hampshire Hunt finishing 2nd in Division 1.  He has been selected to play in Langford this summer  by a very hot team as he is well fancied off  his current  -2 handicap.


Played Surtees for Taunton Vale Pony Club finishing 2nd in Division 2. They hope to win Division 1 this summer before they have to move up a section due to age.  These two boys are as keen as mustard and have invested in more pony power for 2017, so watch this space.


Jeremy played Langford for the Berekley Pony Club and got to the Semi-finals at Cowdray.  He played club polo at Taunton often for the very strong Sloe Cottage team.  He hopes to play Rendell this season and will travel to New Zealand to play throughout the winter.


This was Jasmine’s last year in Hipwood, she played for our Taunton Vale team and won the Emerson Trophy at Cowdray playing alongside Tom Baxter, George Hobbs and Segundo Darritchon.   She also played in Langford for the Newmarket & Thurloe Pony club.  She will play Gannon for The Beaufort Pony Club this year with Lolly.


Harry played for ZENCOM alongside his father Jim this past season winning various tournaments throughout the summer.  He spent the winter in New Zealand and is well horsed for 2017, playing off  0 he is definitely one to watch.


Lolly played some exciting ladies polo during the season taking the silverware from Tidworth in an all girls side beating The Army.  She represented England winning the Alan Budgett Trophy at Kirtlington.  She played Gannon for the North Cotswold team and won the Jaguar Trophy at Cowdray. Her female handicap was raised from  4 to 5.  She has spent this winter playing in Wellington, Florida.  She intends play Gannon this year alongside her sister.


Tom played in the Taunton Vale Hipwood team last season, he had a cracking time and worked hard alongside his team.  The opposition was very tough but the team bought home the Emerson Trophy from Cowdray, which was a real achievement.

Anyone wishing to play this summer please contact:
Trini Stanhope -White 07939 598654

You do not need a polo pony, most all rounder pony club ponies will play, so come along and have a go.

If you like team ball sports this could be the sport for you. Lessons are available most weekends at Taunton Vale polo club from mid  April to September.